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LCCDC Corporate Partners

Lincoln County Community Development


Thank you, FNBO, for your continued support.


FNBO has provided $115,000 in Impact

grant funds since 2016 to support the

construction of affordable housing in

North Platte and Lincoln County,


Pictured Left to right

Front Row - Whitney Craig (LCCDC Board), Erin

Anderson (LCCDC, Director), Blu McGrath (LCCDC

Board), Misty Robertson (LCCDC Board), Cory

Johansen (FNBO). Lance Polk (FNBO).

Back Row - Shawn Riley (FNBO), Kert McKeone

(LCCDC Board), Judy Clark (LCCDC Board),

Tracey Miles (LCCDC Board), Sonja Voycheske

(LCCDC Board)

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